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Monday, September 02, 2013

Selling a house in the normal real estate market takes time, even when you find a buyer a few days after you offer it for sale. It also consumes a high percentage of your equity if your mortgage balance is close to the market value of the property.

As a simple example, if a house sells for $100,000, and the loan balance is $90,000, there’s $10,000 in equity; that’s 10% equity. It normally takes 8%-12% of the sale price to sell a house in the normal real estate market. That means that after closing, there’s a good chance the sellers will not get any cash; they might have to pay cash to sell.

There are three ways I can help:

  1. If your house has no loan or a very low loan balance
         I will pay you cash; the property condition does not matter.
  2. If your house has a loan and you have equity
         I will pay you cash for your equity; again, the property condition does not matter.
  3. If you have zero equity
         Your house might only be worth the balance of your loan (perhaps even less); I can generally help.

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